Bravia Hotels (Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso)‎


Satguru Group is the promoter of the project initially called "The Grand Hotel in Ouagadougou." The Group is known internationally through its business travel agencies with a presence since 1985 in more than 50 countries. It is also present in electronics, food processing, trade and building a workforce of over 3000 employees.

The CEO of Satguru Group Mr. Anil CHANDIRANI and Promoter Mr. Prakash LALCHANDANI, a great connoisseur of the African continent, want to continue to strengthen ties between India and Africa through new development projects.

Bravia Hotel Ouagadougou is the first hotel unit of Satguru Group. This project started in 2009 as the Satguru Group wanted to diversify its investments by completing its offer to travel agencies by hoteliers receptive in the West African region. Indeed, all the macro-economic studies predict strong growth in the business tourism sector.

Anil Chandirani

Mr. Anil Chandirani

Prakash Lalchandani

Mr. Prakash Lalchandani